Welcome to ONLINE SURVIVOR. Founded in September 2000 as one of the original Online Reality Games, ONLINE SURVIVOR provides an authentic SURVIVOR experience over the internet. One game is played immediately after the conclusion of each official SURVIVOR installment. Each game models the SURVIVOR season that preceded it, but always takes a clever twist that changes the face of the game. Below are full episodes of previous seasons, a forum, game records, a calendar of upcoming events, and other information about the game. Sign up for a game today, or watch seasons past.

Recent Updates
(2020/Oct/01) Find out what was updated and when. A complete history of the day-to-day update log since the site was moved to
Game Application
Apply for Online Survivor. One game is played every winter (Jan-Apr) and every summer (May-Aug). Applications are accepted year-round.
About The Site
If you've never watched Survivor or played an Online Reality Game, this is a tutorial that will teach you the basic rules of both.
Competition Schedule
What's happening in the world of OLS. A year-round schedule detailing application dates, games, meetings, and much more.
Season Episodes
Full-length episodes for every season of the game. Read each season as if you were watching a real episode of Survivor.
Series Message Board
After you've read the episodes, join the OLS community to chat with the host, cast, and other fans.
Record Holders
The record holders for several categories. Can you emerge from the masses and climb to the top to become the Online Survivor Title Holder?
Official Rules
In addition to the traditional Survivor rules, extra rules are added to make the game compatible online. Familiarize yourself with them.
E-Mail your questions or comments or reach me through AIM at Survivor Guy 886. I look forward to hearing from you!

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