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SUR103: Survivor Rules

Now that you've been introduced to the basics of the game, it's important to learn some of the various rules that aren't apparent. These rules may never be mentioned during a game if they aren't needed, but nevertheless they govern gameplay at all times. If I have overlooked any rules that you feel need to be added, please feel free to let me know.

Tiebreaker Rule
The rules for breaking tie votes have changed throughout the seasons. In all formats, the first tiebreaker is for all contestants not involved in the tie to vote a second time, this time only for those involved in the tie. For Tribal Councils with an odd number of people, this will break the tie. However, when Tribal Council holds an even number of people, a deadlock can occur, and the following formats have been used to break the tie.

-Format #1 (Season 1)

The contestants involved in the tie compete in a physical challenge. The loser is eliminated. This tiebreaker was never used, and was only revealed in special DVD commentary. It was quickly removed, and thus was never considered an official tiebreaker.

-Format #2 (Seasons 2-3)

The contestants are asked how many votes they have received in previous Tribal Councils. The person with the most accumulated votes is eliminated. If this vote total is tied, the contestants compete in a sudden death trivia game where they are asked multiple choice questions about surviving in the wild. This was the first full tiebreaker system ever witnessed, and thus is considered the "original" format.

-Format #3 (Season 4)

The contestants are given 5 minutes to come to a consensus. If they do not, everyone except the immunity holder, regardless of if they were involved in the tie or not, must blindly pull a rock from a bag. The one person who pulls the purple-colored rock from the bag is eliminated. This was considered an outrage, as it allowed for people who were never even voted for to be eliminated. However, as bad as it was, the worst was soon to come.

-Format #4 (Season 5-Current)

The contestants are given 5 minutes to come to a consensus. If they do not, the people involved in the tie are given immunity, and everyone else except the immunity holder must blindly pull a rock from a bag. The one person who pulls the purple-colored rock from the bag is eliminated. This is an even bigger outrage, as not only could people who were not voted for be eliminated, but the people who were actually voted for were PROTECTED. Proponents of this tiebreaker state that the rule is there only as a deterrent to ties, and it rarely takes place. This is a very ignorant philosophy in my opinion, as when the rule is actually used, someone is cheaply eliminated at random.

-Finale Format (Season 10-Current)

Thankfully, a different format is used if a deadlock tie occurs during the finale. The contestants involved in the tie are seated at a station which contains a thin string suspended approximately 2 feet above the surface. They are given wood, straw, and flint. The first person to build a fire high enough to burn through the string remains in the game, and the other is eliminated. I really don't understand why they can't use this format for all ties. It does not allow for any cheap eliminations and provides an exciting do-or-die situation. Honestly, I don't understand why the producers are so interested in preventing ties, as they are extremely rare as it is, and generate excitement when they occur. Hopefully this will become the standard tiebreaker eventually, but anything other than random elimination of someone that wasn't even voted for would be a major improvement.

Sitting Out Members Rule
If one tribe outnumbers another, they must sit out as many members as necessary to make the teams even during challenges. Strategy must be considered when doing this, as noone may sit out twice in a row. If a tribe has gained such a majority that they can no longer conform to this rule, the rule is changed to "noone may play twice in a row".

Fighting Rule
Contestants may mentally, intellectually, or socially attack anyone in any manner they desire. However, if at any time a contestant physically or sexually attacks someone, they will immediately be ejected from the game.

Conspiring Rule
Contestants may use any device they wish to strategize and get others to vote the way they wish, except one. If contestants are ever caught offering to share their eventual prize money in exchange for help in the game, they will immediately be ejected from the game.

Injury and Sickness Rule
Everyone competes on Survivor at their own risk, meaning physical harm could end your game as much as a vote. In the event of an injury, it is always up to the contestant whether or not they require medical attention. Dealing with an injury on their own will ensure they remain in the game, but could pose a threat to their well-being. Once medical attention is requested, that person's fate is left to the medical team. The head of the medical team will then decide if they can treat the person on-site, or if they must be taken to a medical center. If the diagnosis is the latter and they cannot return in time for the next Tribal Council, they will be eliminated from the game.

Mandatory Attendance Rule
Although it has never been a problem, it is extremely important that each player actually play the game. If at any time someone is absent from an offical event (challenge, Tribal Council, or otherwise), they are immediately disqualified from the game.

You should now have a good grasp on how the game of Survivor is played. Keep that important knowledge in mind as we move on to the following sections, which will detail the history and gameplay of Online Survivor.

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